The Journey

Happy July 4th! And wish me congratulations on creating my very first blog entry 🙂

 “Who is this person?” you might be asking “and why should I be reading this?” I suppose I should introduce myself and my blog before getting too far ahead of myself. My name is Rebecca Zimmerman and I’m a 28-year old nice Jewish girl from West Nyack, New York happily married to a nice Jewish guy named Eric Friedman. Up until June 1, I was working as Director of Marketing and Communications at Theater J, an amazing Jewish theater company in DC (producing a “Middle East Festival” from now until the end of July), and my husband was working as a Radiation Oncologist for Georgetown University Hospital.

We have both left our jobs to embark on an adventure that will certainly change us forever. Tomorrow we drive to JFK and take a plane to Israel, where we will be living for a year. Both Eric and I will be taking Hebrew immersion classes for a month and a half and then studying at a Jewish learning institute, called Pardes, for the rest of our stay. We’ll tell you more about Pardes in the next few months, but for now, just visit and see for yourself. Eric is studying full time, while I will be splitting my time between studying and volunteering for an Israeli nonprofit organization (what can I say, I just can’t get away from those nonprofits!) We’ll be based in Jerusalem for most of the year, in a neighborhood called KATAMON–hence the name of my blog, Katamon Journal.

 Over the course of our year, we’ll be posting regularly on this blog about our experiences in Israel. We’ll write about such topics as Pardes, my volunteer experiences, living in Jerusalem, politics, culture, Israelis, Palestinians, etc. In the next few entries, I’d also like to write more about why we decided to uproot ourselves and live in a place that is many things to many people.

This blog is not an objective, journalistic perspective about current life in Israel, but it’s not meant to be. We’re hoping you’ll read this blog as an alternative, ‘on-the-ground’ perspective of what it’s like to live in this fascinating country. You probably won’t agree with our opinions all the time, but that that would be boring anyway.

The next time you hear from me, I’ll be in Jerusalem! 

Until then,

Rebecca Z


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