Videos for You

Here are a few videos that I took this past month.

 The first is of Violin/Oud player Yair Dalal in Yaffa

 The second is of Tel Megiddo:

 Today was officially my last day at ulpan :(. The teacher said that it was really nice having me in class, which made me feel very good about myself :). I’ve had this notion of writing an entry about the process of learning (or relearning) a language, but it hasn’t yet come into being.

Tonight we’re going to a Q&A session about Pardes and will meet the other incoming students. Then tomorrow night we get hosted by some former Pardes students, and Saturday we’ll be at a Pardes potluck lunch. Sunday is the Pardes orientation. It’s all Pardes, all the time as they say. Very exciting times. 

I was planning to go to the shuk today but didn’t get myself out the door. Tomorrow I’ll see if Friday at the shuk is really as crazy as they say!

Meanwhile I’ve been reading Sari Nussebeh’s book Once Upon a Country, which provides a Palestinian Israeli’s perspective on the country’s history. It’s pretty eye-opening and provocative to see the Independence War and the 1967 war from his point of view. Someone out there should create a class or discussion group where they would read his book along with Amoz Oz’ autobiography and analyze both narratives. After reading these books you really see how history depends on who’s writing it. 


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