Iranian President at Columbia

I haven’t been totally in the dark about current events even with all the holiday madness here. In particular I’ve been following all the controversy at my Alma Mater, which seems to have been in the Middle East spotlight for quite some time (Edward Said, that documentary called Columbia Unbecoming, etc. I was there when the second Intifada broke out and things really started heating up.) 

My political leanings are liberal, but I was admittedly disturbed that the Iranian President had a chance to speak at my school and get some free publicity. From what I’ve read, though, most people think he sounded uneducated and crazy. I do hope that the university’s decision to invite him doesn’t affect funding levels–particularly from the Jewish community. I think it would be short-sighted on their part to use the visit as a reason to cut off university support.  

What are your thoughts?


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