Even the NY Times Covers Shmitta?

So did anyone read the NY Times coverage of shmitta? They make it sound like a soap opera–but it’s true there is a lot of debate among some Jews here about the idea of selling land temporarily to nonJews in order to get around the fact that Jews can’t grow produce during this year. I wish the article went into more depth explaining why Heter Mechira was controversial, though, and also explaining about the alternatives. It’s a very shallow analysis in my opinion.  But they referred to a neighborhood near me, Emek Refaim, and I recognized all the stores that they mentioned there 🙂


I do think it’s ridiculous that produce prices are going up during shmitta year–which hurts poor people more than anyone. The whole point of shmitta is to equalize the playing field and make food more accessible to everyone. Can’t we figure out a way to make the laws coincide with the actual intent of the laws? That’s one for all of you rabbis and scholars out there. Have fun!


One response to “Even the NY Times Covers Shmitta?

  1. bs”d
    Please visit

    http://shemittahrediscovered.blogspot.com/2007_09_01_archive.html. These questions are being asked there as well.

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