Jerusalem Divided?

“Earlier Monday, Olmert questioned whether Arab neighborhoods in East Jerusalem should be defined as part of Israel’s capital.

‘Was it necessary to include Shuafat refugee camp, Arab al-Suwahara and Walajeh as part of Jerusalem? I admit, there are some legitimate questions to be asked about that,’ Olmert told the Knesset plenum in Jerusalem, during a commemorative session for slain minister Rehavam Ze’evi, who was assassinated six years ago.”

Apparently the Prime Minister is talking about the possibility of dividing the city. Is it likely to happen? I don’t know since I don’t know all of the interests/politics involved. Certainly it’s a politically and religously charged topic that could incite tremendous opposition. 

I think that some are considering the possibility of dividing the city from a demographic perspective–i.e. more Palestinians than Jews in some parts of Jerusalem especially given the fact that Jews are leaving the city.


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