Misrad Hapnim is Clueless

So my own experiences with the Interior Ministry or Misrad Hapnim are not so great–trying to make an appointment for a student Visa is pretty impossible unless you barge into their offices. Now, I here that they are trying to keep out Jews from India. Read excerpt from a Jpost article:

“At the instigation of Interior Minister Meir Sheetrit, the government adopted a shameful decision aimed at slamming the door shut on groups of people who want to be Jewish and come to Israel.

…”IN RECENT months, Sheetrit made clear that he opposes efforts to bring on aliya communities such as the Bnei Menashe of northeastern India, who claim descent from a lost tribe of Israel, and now he is doing his utmost to ensure that they will not be able to come home.

Without having met any members of the community, nor even studying the issue, he is prepared to seal their fate because they don’t fit his preconceived notion of what a Jew is supposed to look like.”

Err okay. How do people like this get appointed? And when will the Israeli government stop shooting itself in the foot?


2 responses to “Misrad Hapnim is Clueless

  1. When? Good question. The difference is yet to come.

  2. I am in the misrad now for a visa. I had spend a long time getting an appoitment. But guess what? I’m not on any list. Now i’m at their mercy. Never give an israeli power! hopping for the best.

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