Mold and Cold

There are times when you write about the mundane things in life and here’s one of them.

It’s freakin’ cold here. And it’s not just that it’s freakin’ cold. The buildings here have no insulation so the cold seeps and creeps through every stone and crack. So much so that I just don’t want to get out of bed in the morning. The idea of construction work in this country is like this: hey, let’s stick some slabs of concrete together, slap on a coat of paint, put in some wiring and plumbing and hey we’ve got an apartment!  

And this lack of insulation has also created a wonderful mold situation for us in our bedroom. It seems to have invaded one of the walls without my noticing. I’m devoting Wednesday afternoon to scouring the walls with every kind of anti-mold product this country sells. If it comes down to repainting the walls with anti-mold paint. I’ll do it. I hate mold.

The mold crisis did enable me to connect to the Jewish Anglo community: I sent an email out on the listserv asking out how to deal with it and got back 10 detailed responses and products to use, how to create better insulation, lessen the moisture and humidity. Two people asked me to forward the responses onto the listerv. Seems like this is a common problem.

Here’s another thing. I feel like I’m always cleaning this apartment and doing laundry. It’s like these giant dust bunnies are forming in front of my eyes and two days after I sweep and mop the floor, they’re back and I say, ‘Wait a minute! I just cleaned this place!’ 

Okay, okay these are things which I have very little control of so why kvetch. All I can do is keep cleaning the walls and the floors. But it’s annoying that I have to do it so often.

Thank you for reading this ridiculous rant which provides very little in the way of interesting ideas or observations about Israel. Yes people like me live their lives here and sometimes focus on silly things rather than deal with the much more overwhelming issues.

Nighty Night,



One response to “Mold and Cold

  1. I lived in Jlem for a few weeks Dec 06, when it also snowed a bit. OMG was it cold.

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