International Fund for Palestinian-Israeli Peace

Hello all,

You know how much of a proponent I am of resolving the conflict here and for the creation of a Palestinian state. But you don’t have to be a left-winger to see the logic in creating a fund that fosters people to people grassroots initiatives and dialogue efforts.

I think negotiations on the political track have to continue, but I have become even more convinced that they have to be accompanied by on-the-ground efforts. How else are we supposed to overcome the massive ignorance and hatred if it is not accompanied by concerted education and dialogue efforts?

Organizations like ICCI are doing great work, but to be honest, it’s just a drop in the bucket. Especially compared to the massive amounts of propaganda in the Palestinian sphere, and the biased news that most Israelis consume. So much more could be done.

There is a petition circulating that calls for the creation of an international peace fund. But there’s not much time because the donor community is convening in May. Please click on this link to sign it NOW.


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