I shouldn’t be up this late

I shouldn’t be up this late because I have to get up especially early to get to Pardes for their final tiyyul/shabbat. I’m very excited about it, but also dreading the lack of sleep I will feel tomorrow. There’s always time to sleep on the bus.

I can’t believe we only have 2 weeks of class left. I’ve had such an amazing experience! How I wish I could write more about what we’ve learned in our classes. We finally got to finishing chapter 2 of Masachet Shabbat in our Gemara class. The only trouble is that I don’t remember everything from the way beginning of the year–particularly the arguments that really dumbfounded me in the first place. Well that’s what hazarah (review) is for.

I shouldn’t be up, but I have been up trying to deal with aliyah related things. I have a meeting with an employment counselor at NBN next week, I’m dealing with researching apartment rentals (we still don’t quite know where we’re going to live), researching investment opportunities in Israel, looking into cell phone rentals when we get back to U.S., corresponding with the shipping company, keeping up with my Hebrew and some other random odds and ends.

I also just got in to Hebrew University’s Rothberg School. Hurray! Will it make my life easier to figure out? Maybe! I will have to look into additional funding avenues since my new oleh status covers 1/2 of the tuition (which still isn’t as expensive as studying in the U.S. but it would be nice to pay a little less). The semester this year starts in November because of the holidays!

I’ll also be busier at work for the next 2 week since I’ll be coming in 4 afternoons instead of three and I’ll be helping ICCI with registrations for the upcoming ICCJ conference (whose theme is The Contribution of Jewish-Christian-Muslim Dialogue to Peace-Building in the Middle East) as well as writing up a report about RKK’s visit to Japan in April. More about that later. Recently I’ve been helping them writeup the annual report for 2007 and confirm workshop info for the ICCJ conference.

So maybe not so much time to blog about deep thoughts but just provide the bare bones. (sigh). Or maybe I’ll just have to continue staying up late and not getting any sleep.


One response to “I shouldn’t be up this late

  1. Hello dear! Just wanted you to know I am reading. 🙂

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