Current Events

The entire world seems to have fallen apart since I last wrote this blog. The stock market plummeted and the American financial giants have gone under–or at least most of them. The irony of this situation is killing me. These guys have argued for unfettered freedom to do as they please because one of the arguments is that the market will correct itself, but meanwhile our government is saving them from total ruin.

Excuse me, but if there had been more regulation, we would have been better able to curtail the irrational greed that seemed to possess most of the financial establishment. And now getting rescued by the U.S. government. What happened to the saying, ‘You can’t have your cake and eat it too?’

Well, they do have to bailed out otherwise the economy will get even worse, but still seems like such a sham to me. These companies have basically gambled with taxpayer $ but there is no other way out of this mess.

And just yesterday another Palestinian driver in Jerusalem ran over a group of people. This time the driver was in a BMW and hit a group of soldiers on their way to the Old City for Selichot. Like the other two incidences in Jerusalem, the driver was from East Jerusalem. These types of incidents only confirm for the hawkish Israelis that the Arabs living in their midst are a fifth column. It will only lead to increased discrimination and harsh measures for those in East Jerusalem. So why do people keep doing this?!

What is the answer? The worst part about these incidents is that they are spontaneous and can happen without warning. How do you prevent this from happening? Would things get better if Jerualem were split up and the Palestinians had their own state, their own autonomy? Or is this something that supercedes the Occupation and must be dealt with in a military fashion (whatever that may be) which would probably increase Palestinian resentment and ire and who knows if it would prevent future attacks anyway.

Please enlighten me with your opinions–the more viewpoints the better. I am at a loss.


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