Presentense, FOE

Good afternoon to you. Now I’m trying to shift my blog writting from once-a-week, lengthy articles, to small spurts several times a week. Good luck with that! As time progresses I get busier and busier, adding more activities like extrcurricular writing projects, and hebrew studies. When am I going to find the time to go to school? Truth is, it’s just going to get busier once we have a family. I guess the only solution is not sleeping.

Recently, I published an article for a magazine called Presentense, which is run out of the Presentense Group.

PT is run by a group of young, committed Jews hoping to jumpstart social innovation in Israel and the diaspora. Both of the cofounders, Ariel Beery and Aharon Horwitz, are Columbia University graduates (I wonder when they graduated?) and Ariel named one of the 10 Jews to Watch by the World Jewish Digest.

Here’s a blurb about them:

PresenTense is a grassroots venture aimed at enriching the Jewish People by equipping the next generation of Jewish pioneers and innovators with the tools and ideas they need to launch and develop initiatives that have the potential to change the world and inspire the Jewish People. PresenTense is accomplishing this mission through a portfolio of initiatives, including the PresenTense Institute in Jerusalem, PresenTense Magazine, and PresenTense educational programming.

Works for me.

Today I read that Friends of the Earth Middle East was honored by TIME Magazine for “cooperation between Palestinians, Jordanians and Israelis and raising awareness of environmental issues such as preserving the Dead Sea and groundwater sources.”

This organization has the right idea of creating comprehensive solutions. You can’t approach water conservation issues without working with other populations affected by it. Don’t you wish we’d approach the Israel-Palestinian conflict the same way? The article says that the Arab partners have participated at great risk to their life, but I guess they feel impelled by the urgency and importance of the issues.


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