Update on University Status

I’m still not sure if I’m going to school on Sunday. University and government representatives weren’t able to reach a settlement yesterday, and the finance ministry is apparently dragging its feet.

If the current situation continues, I can see how education will become increasingly split between the haves and have nots. The ones who have more money and don’t want to put up with anymore interferences in their studies will go to the Michlalot–or colleges–which are somewhat more expensive or else study abroad. The ones who have less money will have to put up with a crumbling education system and watch their own professional future suffer.

Meanwhile in other news a poll from Haaretz says :”If elections were held today, the right-wing camp would garner 61 Knesset seats while 58 would go to the center-left. The numbers are close, but the political difference between the blocs is much greater, and favors the right as of now.” A Likud coalition government is a close possibility–which might mean more right-wing policies that favor religious parties, settlement building and more hardliner policies towards Palestinians. The report also states that even if Kadima won, Livni would have to bring in a few right-wing groups, making it difficult to move forward in the diplomatic realm.

Interestingly the poll also asks ‘ “Who in your opinion is more able to deal with Israel’s security problems, particularly the Iranian nuclear threat?” Netanyahu got 33 percent of the vote, Barak 26 percent and Livni only 14 percent.’



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