Israelis Don’t Know Crap about American Jewry

Hey sorry for the long delay on blogging. Graduate school studies have bogged me down as of late. I’ll write about that in my next post. For now I will share with you an article in the Jerusalem Post about how the Israeli media completely disregarded the General Assembly of the United Jewish Communities.

Such an oversight exemplifies the complete ignorance that many Israelis have of the Jewish diaspora, particularly the American Jews–which is a particularly stupid strategy given that American Jewry have been a significant source of funding for Israel. Moreover, they are not just another backwater diaspora community. They are the size of Israel!

Not only do they fail to understand, but they actually think they know what they are talking about and don’t seem to care about learning more. The article also reveals some of the historic disdain that Israel has harbored toward diaspora Jewry and the ever widening rift between American and Israeli Jewry.

Here’s what two of the reporters had to say about the American diaspora.

“Speaking to journalism students this week, Ma’ariv Diaspora affairs reporter Eli Berdenstein admitted he did not know a great deal about American Jewry, but in any case rejected the idea that US Jews who claim they are “Jews by choice” are authentically Jewish.

Danny Ababa, Diaspora reporter for Israel’s largest daily, Yediot Aharonot, told The Jerusalem Post that ‘this whole business [the GA] is one big kiss-up to rich people. American Jews are not authentic; they’re obsessed with money; there’s something annoying about them.'”

American Jews might argue that there is something annoying about Israelis–depends on your cultural context and how much understanding you have of the other community. Obviously these reporters have Ephes–Hebrew for zero–understanding of American and American Jewish culture.

These are Israeli reporters specifically hired to write about the diaspora!? They don’t even take the time to learn anything about what they are reporting on, and they just talk out of their rear end. Why are these people hired to do jobs for which they are unqualified? One American Jewish official noted “The Israeli journalists don’t even understand where they are. It’s like walking into an art museum and complaining the art isn’t edible.”


3 responses to “Israelis Don’t Know Crap about American Jewry

  1. Yes, as I have mentioned several times before, welcome to the bananas republic.

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