It’s a boy!

I could ruminate intellectually about the Gaza withdrawal and the U.S. elections, but at this point I’m not in the frame of mind to do so. Instead I’ll focus on some recent news about the little sabra.

I’m more than halfway through the pregnancy and the idea of bringing a child into this world is becoming more real. Which means that I am becoming more scared 🙂 I really want to be a good parent, and the task ahead is humbling and overwhelming. I would ruminate more about this, but I really should be going to bed soon. Okay, I promise more thoughts later.

Two weeks ago, Eric and I went to our second trimester ultrasound and the baby definitely looks bigger than the last time I saw him. Him. Yes, we found out that it’s a boy! I think finding out the sex made it that much more real. It also means that I get my nephew’s baby clothes, which is an added plus.

Thank goodness everything looks okay and we’re on track with everything. I am also on track with my belly growth and weight gain 🙂 I’ve had to start adding a few items to my wardrobe to account for the burgeoning.

And this past week, I started feeling the baby kick! It felt like little bubbles and stomach grumblings at first, but I know now that it is actually not my body but somebody else who is making all of that movement. I remember he was especially active during my statistics lecture. Weird!


One response to “It’s a boy!

  1. How exciting!!! And I am sure you guys will be great parents!!! And just in case there are any momentary lapses, I am sure your little sabra will take care of himself and turn out fine despite those rare occassions!

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