Nu? Where is the Baby?

So my due date was on June 12, but I am still sitting here by myself. I’ve started getting those emails and comments from people along the lines of, ‘nu? why are you still around.’ Rest assured it is pretty normal to go past the due date by a week.

Besides I don’t think I will be by myself for long. My body has given indications and my doctor highly suspects that things will be underway very soon–how soon, I am not so sure, but that is the mystery of nature.

The fun and anxiety in waiting for a baby is that you don’t know when it is going to happen. You just let nature decide what that will be–and usually it is spot on. It makes you realize how miraculous this entire process is. Why labor actually starts is still a mystery to science, but it does for most of the time, otherwise we couldn’t have lasted this long on the planet.

In other news, I was following Netanyahu’s speech at my university on Sunday. To me his rhetoric wasn’t surprising, and nor was the response from the Arabs or rightwing MKs. He’s managed to piss off both groups, although knowing his positions, I don’t know how could not have.

The fact that Netanyahu has been insisting that Arabs recognize the Jewish nature of the state of Israel hearkens back to my blog entry about the 20% Arab minority here. Perhaps it is a stupid thing to ask because Netanyahu realizes Palestinians will never concede it, but I don’t know. In acknowledging that Israel is a Jewish state, Palestinians claim to endanger the situation of the 20% minority and the possibility of refugees returning to Israel. Which makes me wonder, will Palestinians ever recognize the current facts on the ground even when a two-state solution is reached or will they continue to root for a secular democracy–which is essentially a binational state?

Lastly, here is an article from the Wash Post that demystifies the Israeli arguments about the settlments. Everyone should read it!

I may not get to write for a while depending on whether I go to the hospital today. I’ll keep you posted.


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