Rebecca and Eric met on the second day of Sukkot in 2003 at the DC Minyan. After that the rest is history. Well sort of. They got married in 2005, went on their honeymoon to Israel and decided not long after that they wanted to spend a year in Israel. A couple of years later, they landed at the Pardes Institute in Jerusalem, where they learned Jewish texts over the course of a year. During their year they decided to make aliyah, and officially moved in August 2008.

Eric studied medicine and was a radiation oncologist in the U.S. He now works for Glaxosmithkline in Petach Tikvah, Israel. Rebecca got a BA in Political Science at Columbia U and moved to D.C. to work for various nonprofit organizations picking up communication and marketing skills along the way. She’s starting a program in Organizational sociology at Bar Ilan after the Jewish holiday. As long as there is no strike of course:).

Eric is the eldest of five kids–four boys and one girl, and Rebecca is the youngest of two girls. Eric’s family lives in Connecticut and Massachusetts and Rebecca’s lives in NY.


4 responses to “About

  1. hey guys! glad i got to see you yesterday. give me a call because i think i left something at your place. hope your ulpan is going swimmingly and i look forward to starting at pardes with you in september!

  2. Hey Becc!!
    We miss you here in the States. Glad to have a way to see how life is out there for you. Take care, have fun, & keep writing when you can…

  3. How soon is now? 😉
    The Smiths, 1992

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