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Presentense, FOE

Good afternoon to you. Now I’m trying to shift my blog writting from once-a-week, lengthy articles, to small spurts several times a week. Good luck with that! As time progresses I get busier and busier, adding more activities like extrcurricular writing projects, and hebrew studies. When am I going to find the time to go to school? Truth is, it’s just going to get busier once we have a family. I guess the only solution is not sleeping.

Recently, I published an article for a magazine called Presentense, which is run out of the Presentense Group. Continue reading


The Negev Revisited

Ee-gads! Another week gone by without much blogging. How does that happen? Well Saturday we went to see Eric’s cousins in Kiryat Tivon where we celebrated Eric and Etamar’s joint birthdays (Eric’s was last Wednesday). As usual, the food jut kept coming and I think I ate 3 desserts. Nadav has grown quite a lot since I last saw him. His hair has gotten curly and he’s become much more vocal. Etamar’s sister is pregnant and is due in 9 weeks.  

The weekends sure do fly here. Friday doesn’t feel like the first day of the weekend, especially when everyone is in such a mad rush get ready for Shabbat, which starts between 3-4 pm now. And we’re not even at the shortest day of the year!

 Last week, I was practically assaulted by an older gentleman in the supermarket. As I was making my way out of the store, he was trying to push his way past me. I said in Hebrew ‘excuse me, I’d like to get out,’ but he just kept shoving until he got by. Next time, I’ll just try to back up and let these guys go by. After all, they’ve probably been through a lot and feel like they’ve paid their dues so they can afford to be somewhat pissy. 

Two of our synagogue friends from DC, Rick and Cindy, were in town and on Wednesday night they took Eric, Lizzie (another Ohev Shalom friend who is studying at Pardes) and me out for dinner at our local dairy place Phaaza. It was really great to see them again, and hear how the shul was doing (our rabbi’s wife just gave birth to #5!). They were having a ball taking classes at Pardes and learning Hebrew and were heading to Tel Aviv the next day. They asked us about what it was like to study Talmud and whether studying at Pardes was a spiritual experience, what type of spiritual experiences were had in Jerusalem. We’ll be seeing them in February when the shul comes to Israel.

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