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Presentense, FOE

Good afternoon to you. Now I’m trying to shift my blog writting from once-a-week, lengthy articles, to small spurts several times a week. Good luck with that! As time progresses I get busier and busier, adding more activities like extrcurricular writing projects, and hebrew studies. When am I going to find the time to go to school? Truth is, it’s just going to get busier once we have a family. I guess the only solution is not sleeping.

Recently, I published an article for a magazine called Presentense, which is run out of the Presentense Group. Continue reading


The Aliyah Process and Tzipori

The last few weeks have been filled with lots of job interviews (for Eric) and soul searching. Eric’s been making lots of good contacts in the biotech and medical fields, and has been criss crossing the country like mad for interviews. Meanwhile we’ve visited several communities throughout the year: Modiim, Abi Ezer, Tzur Hadassah, Haifa (that was in March), Rehovot. And we’re thinking about going up to the Galilee and visiting a small town started up by the Conservative movement called Shorashim.

Our visit to Rehovot a couple weeks ago was 1/2 a family visit and 1/2 an aliyah visit. We spent part of Friday and Saturday with Eric’s cousin Hannah. We don’t spend enough time with them, and they are really such good, generous people. I’m fortunate to have cousins on both sides whom I feel comfortable talking with and being with. We especially need to have good family ties here since all of our nuclear family is based in the U.S. Continue reading

It’s Raining, Some Articles for You and Why I Love it Here

Today it rained in Jerusalem for the first time since I’ve been here! Yay, water for the plants and trees! We got the full show thunder and lightening show tonight. Hopefully more rain is on the way.

I was at the shuk this evening after a long period of not going and I started to feel a few drops of rain. I was thankful that Eric was home to bring everything on the Mirpeset, including the laundry, indoors. At my favorite cheese shop, I came across some beer that I hadn’t laid eyes on since I was in the U.S. Sometimes I miss things like good beer (but I don’t really drink much most of the time) real ziplock bags, Banana Republic clothes (yes I’m sorry I know they are sweatshop made). Before my parents come here, I am certainly asking them to bring a small list of items–but don’t worry Mom and Dad I won’t weigh you down! I think that microbreweries are starting to take root here, but I have to do some research (which will, ahem, require me to sample). Continue reading