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Pardes Student Visits Bethlehem

Partially out of laziness and also because I found her thoughts worth sharing, I’m including a guest entry from Rebecca Krasner, a Pardes student, about visiting Bethlehem with a group called Project Encounter.

Reflections on travels to Bethlehem

Posted by: “Rebecca Krasner”

Sun Oct 28, 2007 10:42 am (PST)

Looking out from my parents beautiful and serene porch in Talpiyot one gets
a great view of parts of Jerusalem. If you look really hard you can even
see the Old City. Looking to your right however one sees a part of the city
that looks desolate, quiet, and abandoned. Cutting through this one empty
patch of land is a grey wall. Some people call this wall a Security Fence,
others a Separation Barrier, and I am sure still others would refer to it as
something akin to The Wall of Oppression. I never really thought about this
wall other than the time my brother pointed it out to me and my parents 2
years ago saying something snide about it and the Israeli government. At
that moment I thought about how sad it was that violence has escalated to
such a degree that such a wall was necessary and was not sure how I felt
about what it meant for those living on the other side. Honestly though I
had probably thought about this wall maybe two or three times since that
moment. When I looked out from my parents porch I mostly ignored the wall
looking to the left-toward the pretty view. After all, there wasn’t much to
look at to the right.

A few weeks ago, however Abe and I decided that it was important for us
both to pay more attention to this wall. We decided to join a group of
American Jews traveling together to the other side of the wall. Continue reading