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Chicago Bound

Hey hey,

On Thursday I take a plane to Chicago to take part in another joyous wedding. My friends are making the wedding internationally themed–my friend Symi has studied and traveled abroad and her fiance, Justin, finished an MA at Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs. Supposedly I will be sitting among people whose topic of interest is the Middle East–from both sides of the fence. It should be interesting.

It will be interesting to get people’s responses–whether they are Israel friendly or not–to the fact that I am now from Israel. In the case of anti-Israel folk I feel like it is the mark of Cain. In some people’s minds it’s like saying, ‘hey I’m an ax murderer, you should avoid me at all costs or else scorn me!’ and ‘I represent a very politically incorrect form of ideology called Zionism–aren’t I weird?’ Continue reading