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School is On!

So I actually am starting school tomorrow. Olmert finally interevened and said enough is enough, the universities need to start on time.

Haaretz wrote an interesting editorial on the university crisis, calling for more accountability on the university level. The treasury wants university spending to go toward certain avenues as recommended by an entity called the Shochat Committee, but the universities want free reign.  Continue reading


Do I hear a strike?

The chagim are over, which means back to a routine and back to work. I can see how this month is just absolutely unproductive. How can you be when you feel that as soon as you get back into a routine, you have to get ready for chag or for Shabbat? I like the chagim, though, especially Sukkot when the weather here starts to cool down and people dine al fresco.

The chagim being over means that I’m only a week away from starting graduate school. Or maybe not. Supposedly the students are going on strike. Yes there was a university strike last year that lasted several months.  Is this the price of low university fees? Apparently, it is mainly a result of government funding cuts to universities. Yeah that’s a smart move. Way to invest in your people Israel. Continue reading