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The Chutzpah of Shas and Other Observations

Here’s one major reason why I don’t like Israeli coalition politics or why I really don’t like this coalition in particular: The Interior Minister and Chairman of Shas has told the Yesha Council of settlements that it will exploit its influence and resources to continue expanding settlements in the West Bank.

Haaretz has learned that Yishai has instructed officials at the Interior Ministry to come up with ways to help the settlers, by allowing continued construction within the major West Bank settlement blocs where building has stopped as a result of American pressure.”

Now Shas is one of the smaller parties to which Israel had to grant concessions like the Interior Ministry post in order for them to join. Now they are using their position to conduct a chutzpadik policy not to mention the fact that they find it perfectly all right to use my taxpayer money to fund the so-called “natural growth”  of these areas.

The Israeli government’s negative reaction to Obama’s pressure on stopping settlement growth also points to the chutzpah and cluelessness demonstrated by my fellow Israelis. The major complaint that gets me is that they claim they had an agreement with President Bush. And how could Obama not honor these promises? Um, well I hate to break it to you people, but when a new president comes in, he can enact a new policy so old promises really don’t chalk up to anything. Doesn’t everybody know this?


On the Couch with the Flu

Hi everybody,

I had to take a brief sabbatical from blogging for a number of reasons. First, while I haven’t been writing on the blog, I’ve been writing and rewriting my essay for Hebrew U. (I must repeatedly thank my friend Abigail for looking at several rounds.) Man, trying to write about yourself without sounding cliche in 500 words is hard. I had brainstormed dozens and dozens of possible experiences to include in the essay, and I only ended up using a couple. Blogging is much easier because I can write about whatever I want and go off on random tangents. (Of course, who knows if anyone reads my long entries!) Continue reading